Wildlife Rescue & Safe - WCTBD

Wildlife Conservation Troops of Bangladesh-WCTBD write up emergency response teams to any and all areas around the Bangladesh where animals are in distress. Natural disasters include fires, floods, severe storms such as hurricanes and tornadoes, drought, earthquakes and subsequent tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. Wildlife Conservation Troops of Bangladesh-WCTBD also responds to disasters due to human causes, including oil spills, nuclear reactor accidents, financial crises, armed conflicts and rampant animal cruelty and neglect. While many natural disasters cause great financial hardship and can tragically result in loss of human life, animals are often forgotten in the chaos. Even though wildlife has adapted to extreme situations to some extent, they can often be victims of injury or desperately lacking food and shelter as a result of the disaster. Domesticated animals, dependent on human caretakers for survival, are often left to perish. Wildlife Conservation Troops of Bangladesh-WCTBD manages, funds and provides assistance to animal rescue groups to assess disaster situations, formulate plans, and take action. We provide food, equipment, medical supplies, and emergency expertise to help rescue, provide care, and when safe to do so, reunify pets with their families and/or return wildlife to the wild.

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