Candpai Wildlife Sanctuary
Candpai Wildlife Sanctuary
August 19, 2017

Banskhali Eco Park

Banskhali Eco Park in Chittagong

The Banskhali Eco-Park is a cluster of hills; which creates exceptionality and attraction to us. It is a fantastic place for recreational activities. This is perfect for the group outing. The Eco Park was established in 2003 under a project of Bangladesh Government. It covers total 1200 hectares area.

Location of Banskhali Eco Park
The park is located in Banskhali Thana of Chittagong district. You will find it some 60 kilometers south of Chittagong town. It is only 4 kilometers east of Banskhali town. I should also mention that it is bordering the western edge of the Chunati Wildlife Sanctuary. It is situated nearer of Bay of Bengal.

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